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LGBTQ+ Identities

When it comes to gender and sexual identity, there has been an explosion of labels that some find confusing. Terminology is changing to express a broad spectrum of identities beyond male/female, man/woman, and gay/straight.

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Some people assume bisexuality is a phase and that people who say they are bisexual are really gay or straight. But bisexuality is a distinct sexual identity, different from gay or straight.

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Body Parts

A box is checked on our birth certificate - either male or female. Yet researchers confirm there is a lot of variety in our bodies. Learn about the differences in our bodies that don’t fit within typical male and female boxes.

Thumbnail for Gender


Gender is more than just boy or girl. Learn about gender identity and expression, and how gender is evolving around the world.

Thumbnail for Nature vs. Nurture

Nature vs. Nurture

Scientists have yet to unlock the mysteries of sexual orientation, but significant research is underway. Learn about investigations into the biology of sexual orientation.

Thumbnail for Sexual Orientation

Sexual Orientation

Learn about the different aspects of sexual orientation -- attraction, behavior and identity -- and the many ways people identify.

Thumbnail for Transgender People

Transgender People

Transgender identities are in the news a lot lately. Learn about transgender identities and what scientists have to say about their origins.

Thumbnail for Youth


When you’re young and LGBTQ+, coming out is only half the battle. Learn more about the issues affecting LGBTQ+ youths and what can be done to change their reality.

Thumbnail for Older Adults

Older Adults

Getting old is hard. Whether it’s waging war against wrinkles and gray hair or fighting more serious battles related to health and independence, the struggle is real. And the challenges are particularly pronounced for older generations who identify as LGBTQ+.

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