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The name says it all – we’re going to school on identity! Identiversity covers LGBTQ+ concepts, terms and topics you’ve heard about but don’t necessarily understand. We've assembled the latest information from leading experts and present it in a relatable and engaging manner. Now you and your colleagues can improve your understanding about LGBTQ+ identities--and explore ways to create a more inclusive workplace--all in one place.

Real People. Real Identities. Real Learning.

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The Identiversity team is available to work with you to develop the best program to meet your organization’s needs and create a thriving workplace.

Our unique approach is centered on learning. Your teammates will learn the basics of gender and sexuality identity—with the specific goal of establishing a common foundation for all. Then we build on the foundation, sharing practical ways to put the learning into action to create a supportive workplace where everyone can succeed.

We also offer professional services to help you address specific needs, such as C-suite programs, Board development, policy and practice reviews, or other specialized programming.

  • Learn about the basic building blocks of gender and sexual identity
  • Understand transgender and nonbinary identities and the evolution of pronoun usage
  • Identify common stereotypes, microaggressions, and other workplace issues
  • Develop practices that help foster leadership and inclusion
  • Explore opportunities to become an active supporter

Take a look at our current offerings


Self-Paced eLearning Series

Spectrum of Identities

Live Webinars

Building Blocks: An Introduction to Gender and Sexual Identity

Communicating Respect: Scenario-Based Learning for the Workplace

Gender Today: Thinking Outside the Boxes

Intersecting Identities: Black and LGBTQ+

Intersecting Identities: LGBTQ+ Older Adults

Intersecting Identities: LGBTQ+ Women

Intersecting Identities: LGBTQ+ Youth

It Takes a Village: LGBTQ+ Health and Wellness

Myths vs. Facts: A Dialogue with Identiversity

Understanding the Q in LGBTQ+

Understanding the + in LGBTQ+

Pathways: structured learning on


  • Gender Today
  • Nonbinary Identities and Pronouns
  • Older LGBTQ+ Adults
  • The + in LGBTQ+
  • The Q in LGBTQ+
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Transgender Identities
  • Women in the LGBTQ+ Community


Identiversity uses a unique approach to ensure you have access to the very best learning resources in the world. We expertly curate resources across the vast fields of gender and sexual identity. We then bring the information to life in an engaging manner with stories about the real people in all our lives.

Identiversity Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit with a commitment to providing credible and trusted learning about gender and sexual identity. Our fees support our publicly available site,, making this learning available to all.



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