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Who is America Chavez, nicknamed "Ms. America" by her legions of fans? If you follow Marvel comics, you know she's a teenage superhero boasting extraordinary speed, phenomenal strength, and the ability to punch open inter-dimensional portals. She's also the first lesbian, Latina superhero to star in her own Marvel Comics series.

Her fans find America highly relatable. As a feature story on CNN put it, "Putting aside her extraordinary speed, strength and her ability to punch through dimensions, America is just a sweatshirt-wearing teenager who's trying to figure things out" (Chavez, 2017).

Written by the Puerto Rican author Gabby Rivera, who identifies as queer, the America Chavez series is part of a recent push by Marvel Comics to become more inclusive by introducing diverse characters, including the first Muslim Ms. Marvel, a female Thor, a young, female African American Iron Man and a new Black Captain America (Chavez, 2017).

Now, it appears that America will get an even bigger platform; it was recently announced that she will be featured in an upcoming movie, becoming the first unambiguously LGBTQ+ superhero to be featured prominently in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Check out this short video clip to watch America in action.

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