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Spectrum of Identities eLearning

Who will benefit? Spectrum of Identities is the foundational series for everyone—family, friends, team members, service providers, managers, and executive leaders.

What will you learn? All the foundational learning you’ll need about Sexual Identity, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Biological Sex, Nonbinary Identities, Pronouns and more. Get your questions answered about terminology, key concepts, and practical applications in this 6-part eLearning series.


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Spectrum of Identities full eLearning series
6-part eLearning series
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Spectrum of Identities: 6-part full series

What you'll learn

  • How our many different dimensions form our unique identities
  • Gain an understanding of gender and sexual identity as key dimensions of who we all are
  • Learn about the history of the LGBTQ+ acronym
  • Understand the meaning of Spectrum of Identities
  • Learn about the different building blocks of identity: Gender Identity, Sexual Identity, Gender Expression and Biological Sex
  • Learn about intersex variations in our bodies
  • Understand the difference between gender identity and gender expression and how we many times conflate the two aspects
  • Build your knowledge about transgender people and cisgender people
  • Understand the different ways people can transition and the challenges facing transgender people
  • Learn about the research and science about our bodies and our identities
  • Meet real people and learn about their identities
  • Gain an understanding of the terms binary and nonbinary and how that affects our understanding of LGBTQ+ identities
  • Explore the broad spectrum of identities beyond the binaries of man or woman and gay or straight
  • Learn how surveying other cultures and exploring history can help strengthen our understanding
  • Learn about gender-neutral pronouns and their current usage
  • Explore the history of gender-neutral pronouns and their use by many authors
  • Learn how the concepts in this eLearning series come to life in real people
  • Gain insights as to when and how to ask someone’s pronouns
  • Understand about how curiosity can become intrusive
  • Learn how to recover from honest mistakes, such as unintentional misgendering
  • Learn how to intercede when you observe hurtful or non-supportive behavior
  • Hear from those in and supporting the LGBTQ+ community as to how we can be supportive and foster the best environment for us all

This course includes:

  • 6 eLearning courses, each about 15 minutes in length
  • Video vignettes of people in the LGBTQ+ community
  • Videos from experts in the medical, behavioral health and gender studies fields
  • Interactive activities
  • Certificate of completion

Course description

This course includes all 6 eLearnings in the Spectrum of Identities series:

  • Our Many Dimensions
  • Understanding Biological Sex and Sexual Identity
  • Understanding Gender Identity and Gender Expression
  • Understanding Nonbinary Identities
  • Understanding Pronouns
  • Putting the Learning into Action

Each eLearning is approximately 15 minutes in length.

Get ready to challenge your perceptions and grow your understanding! This course is the foundational learning you need to understand all the basics of Gender Identity, Sexual Identity, Gender Expression and Biological Sex—the four building blocks of LGBTQ+. You’ll master key concepts, such as what it means to be intersex or asexual, and the difference between gender identity and gender expression. We help you sort out fact from fiction as you expand your awareness of LGBTQ+ identities today.

In the eLearning, Our Many Dimensions we first explore the many dimensions of our identities, recognizing that gender and sexual identity are but two of the many aspects that make us who we are. You will go on to learn about the four building blocks and meet Dee, our learning ambassador. Then test your knowledge with Myths versus Facts to get your learning started with a little fun and knowledge mixed together.

In the eLearning, Understanding Biological Sex and Sexual Identity, we take a deep dive into these two building blocks. First we will learn about the history of the LGBTQ+ acronym. We will then explore the variations in our bodies and the spectrum of biological sex. You will meet Lor. Lor identifies as trixic and nonbinary, and they will share their experience of living with an intersex variation called chimerism. You will also hear from Dr. Benjamin Simmons, a doctor specializing in LGBTQ+ health and a medical educator, about intersex conditions. We continue with the learning by diving into sexual identity, exploring the many different terms that represent unique sexual identities, such as asexuality, bisexuality, and others. You’ll learn about the Harvard researcher, Dr. Alfred Kinsey and his well-know “Kinsey scale”—research from the 1940’s that documented a broad spectrum of sexual orientations. We will conclude with a fun activity to reinforce your learning about Biological Sex and Sexual Identity.

In the eLearning, Understanding Gender Expression and Gender Identity, we dig into the difference between gender expression and gender identity—two very different aspects of us all that tend to be conflated in our understanding. We explore the broad spectrum of different gender expressions and gender identities, including transgender, cisgender, gender nonbinary, gender non-conforming, and many others. You will learn about some of the exciting transgender scientific research from Dr. Benjamin Simmons. You will also meet Dr. Holly Savoy, a psychologist specializing in Sexual and Gender Diversity. She will help us understand some of the many aspects of transitioning and the support the community and loved ones can provide during this important process. We will conclude with a fun activity called “What do we really know” to challenge your perceptions.

In the eLearning, Understanding Nonbinary Identities, you will better understand how the concept of binary tends to organize the world in twos, but human beings are complex and don’t fit neatly into two boxes, whether it is man/woman, male/female, big/small, friend/foe or gay/straight. The term nonbinary helps us expand our thinking and better understand the “+” in LGBTQ+. You will also be introduced to learning about many different cultures around the world that embrace and celebrate nonbinary identities in various forms. We will also explore how nonbinary sexual identities help us better understand the broad spectrum of sexual identity. We will dig deep into bisexuality and hear from Dr. Holly Savoy, a psychologist who specializes in Sexual and Gender Diversity, as she shares her personal journey coming out as bisexual. We will also explore the many meanings of the term queer and help you better understand how and when to use the term appropriately.

In the eLearning, Understanding Pronouns, you will learn about gender-neutral pronouns and their current usage by people identifying as nonbinary. We will also explore the history of gender-neutral pronouns, including their use by authors as venerable as Jane Austen and William Shakespeare. You will be acquainted with how languages other than English are also evolving to be inclusive of nonbinary identities. You will meet several people from the LGBTQ+ community as they share their identities and concepts from this eLearning series come to life within them. Finish off this eLearning with a fun activity about key concepts of the series.

In the eLearning, Putting the Learning into Action, you will hear from our two educators, Marian Edmondson and Daniel Valdez. They will give you their expert advice on the most commonly asked questions in Identiversity courses. Marian and Daniel will address:

  • Is it ever okay to ask someone’s pronouns?
  • When does curiosity become intrusive?
  • What if I make an honest mistake, like using the wrong pronoun?
  • What if I observe someone misgender or misnaming a person?
  • How should I use the term queer when talking to someone?
  • What should I do if I observe hurtful behavior?

Who is this course for?

  • Friends, family members, parents of people identifying LGBTQ+
  • Workplace colleagues wanting to better understand and support their LGBTQ+ colleagues, clients and customers
  • Those in the Health and Human Services fields that serve people the LGBTQ+ community
  • Managers, corporate leaders and others interested in fostering an environment of belonging and inclusion

Identiversity uses a unique approach to ensure you have access to the very best educational resources in the world. We expertly curate resources across the vast fields of gender and sexuality. We then bring the information to life in an entertaining manner with stories about the real people in all our lives.

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