Beyond the schoolyard

School isn’t the only place where LGBTQ+ youths face the threat of violence. Eighteen-year-old Angie Zapata was born male but had been living as a woman for six years, when she made the tragic decision to go out on a date with the man who would take her life.

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Death of a Transgender Woman is Called a Hate Crime


Frosch, D. (2008, August 2). Death of a transgender woman is called a hate crime. New York Times.

Gender Identity Gender identity icon Our core sense of who we are as a man, a woman, a mixture of both, or neither.

Gender Expression Gender expression icon How we show up in the world through choices like clothing, hair style, mannerisms or tone of voice.

Attraction attraction icon How we feel toward others sexually, romantically and/or emotionally.

Biological Sex Biological sex icon Physical attributes such as reproductive organs and genitalia, chromosomes, genes and hormone levels.

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