Letting go

The LGBTQ+ acronym is often used to encompass a wide array of gender and sexual identities. And while their experiences navigating societal norms may be similar, they are not the same for everyone. Coming out as gay or bisexual is very different from telling family and friends that you identify with a gender other than what they’ve always known.

And as hard as it is for a child to make that declaration, it can be just as challenging for the family to navigate the new normal. The Pizer family experienced that firsthand when their child came out as transgender and would, from that moment on, be Marcus, not Molly.

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Read more about the Pizer family's journey to acceptance in this article from the Washington Post.

Homeless rates for LGBT teens are alarming, but parents can make a difference


Seaton, J. (2017, March 29). Homeless rates for LGBT teens are alarming, but parents can make a difference. Washington Post. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/parenting/wp/2017/03/29/homeless-rates-for-lgbt-teens-are-alarming-heres-how-parents-can-change-that/?utm_term=.dd23636b070f

Gender Identity Gender identity icon Our core sense of who we are as a man, a woman, a mixture of both, or neither.

Gender Expression Gender expression icon How we show up in the world through choices like clothing, hair style, mannerisms or tone of voice.

Attraction attraction icon How we feel toward others sexually, romantically and/or emotionally.

Biological Sex Biological sex icon Physical attributes such as reproductive organs and genitalia, chromosomes, genes and hormone levels.

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