"I went as macho as I could be"

Alexis Martinez grew up in the 1960s in a housing project on the south side of Chicago. Back then her name was Arthur. Being open about her transgender identity was not an option. So Alexis kept her feelings hidden until well into adulthood. Listen to this Story Corps Podcast as Alexis talks with her daughter, Lesley Martinez Etherly, about her childhood, growing up, parenting, and what it means to be living openly as a woman after so many years of hiding who she really was.

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LISTEN to StoryCorps: Alexis Martinez and Lesley Martinez Etherly


StoryCorps. (2013, May 5). Alexis Martinez and Lesley Martinez Etherly [Audio Podcast]. https://storycorps.org/listen/alexis-martinez-and-lesley-martinez-etherly/

Gender Identity Gender identity icon Our core sense of who we are as a man, a woman, a mixture of both, or neither.

Gender Expression Gender expression icon How we show up in the world through choices like clothing, hair style, mannerisms or tone of voice.

Attraction attraction icon How we feel toward others sexually, romantically and/or emotionally.

Biological Sex Biological sex icon Physical attributes such as reproductive organs and genitalia, chromosomes, genes and hormone levels.

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