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In the 1800s, opportunities expanded for highly educated and financially independent women to lead lives outside of the bounds of heterosexual marriage by setting up households with one another. Sometimes called "Boston marriages," these arrangements enabled the development of decades-long, committed relationships between women--long before same-sex marriage was legalized.

Boston marriages flourished in many urban communities in the late 1800s but declined shortly thereafter, amidst shifting understandings of sexuality and increased suspicion of lesbian relationships, which made such arrangements less socially acceptable.

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Explore the fascinating history of Boston marriages.

Women Got 'Married' Long Before Gay Marriage


Blakemore, Erin. (2020, June 22). Women Got 'Married Long Before Gay Marriage. HISTORY.

Gender Identity Gender identity icon Our core sense of who we are as a man, a woman, a mixture of both, or neither.

Gender Expression Gender expression icon How we show up in the world through choices like clothing, hair style, mannerisms or tone of voice.

Attraction attraction icon How we feel toward others sexually, romantically and/or emotionally.

Biological Sex Biological sex icon Physical attributes such as reproductive organs and genitalia, chromosomes, genes and hormone levels.

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